CAR RENTALS EXPOSED! Don’t fall into this trickery while renting a car in Sharjah

CAR RENTALS EXPOSED! Don't fall into this trickery while re

No industry in the world is without dirty little secrets:  Be it a food industry, Tourism industry, Fashion Industry, Textile industry, there is always something which remains hidden from the costumers.  Car hire companies are just the same; they can play tricky and wicky methods just for your “YES”.

You can find car rental services in almost every part of the world and in UAE; rental market is quite densely filled up. According to reports, in 2014, rental cars income totaled more than 238 million dollars, of which more than 200 million dollars account for small and medium-sized companies and is growing day by day.

If you are planning a trip to Sharjah then there are certain things in car rental industries which you really need to know. No doubt from services to rates, car rental services in Sharjah can go according to your style and needs. But do you have enough knowledge regarding this industry? Can you make the best choice of car renting? Can you make a fair deal?

Well! Be it car rental companies in Sharjah, Dubai or anywhere else, they do employ tricks for the purpose to generate extra profit. You can avoid some of these with careful planning, but others you can’t.

Today we have compiled facts that you may not be aware of, but they really exist in the car rental world. Scroll down to save yourself from fiddly car rental methods:

  1. They play games in the name of the discounts:

What can be the best feeling beyond this, you have saved money on monthly car rental in Sharjah? Well, beware as rental companies are famous for posting artificially high “list” prices, than offering big “discounts” to the visitors. In reality, those big discounts usually apply selectively to the very high daily rates; discounts on weekly rates tend to be much lower. Before booking car rental service in Sharjah it is advisable to research and compare rates. Just don’t obsess about getting the “best” rate: If it looks good, take it.

  1. They charge for services that cost nothing

One of the most annoying rental car factors is a daily charge for an additional driver. In Sharjah, many car rental companies can force you to pay extra money which is not mentioned or discussed during the booking. From insurance services to dent fixing, they can fabricate web for you. Relax! Fortunately, you can often avoid the charge by having enough knowledge about the service which you are going to avail. So, don’t forget to surf and research before paying for the service.

  1. Insurance is another form of income

Car rental in Sharjah generally makes more from selling insurance cover than they do from actually hiring the cars – and the employees are paid accordingly, giving them a huge incentive to scare you into buying an unnecessary cover.

So be savvy, and arm yourself with details of the insurance cover you already have.

Be more cautious while filling the booking form. It is advisable not to tick every box on the rental agreement and never make an insurance decision at the counter. Pay only for those services which are needed.

  1. They pile on damage ‘costs’

Be it in Sharjah or another Emirate, car rental companies don’t like it when you use your “free” credit card coverage, so they keep mounting new cost elements; they hope your card won’t cover so you’ll have to buy their overpriced stuff anyhow. In addition to the actual costs of repair—often inflated beyond what a normal person would pay—you typically encounter these extras:

Maintenance charges, administrative fee, paperwork processing charges and other associated expenses of retrieving a damaged car. With their marketing skills, these car rental companies won’t leave a single way which will lead towards your bank account. Don’t rush, take your time, do proper inquiry and book your car rental company.

  1. They will make you to avail services by hook or crook

No doubt you can rent a car in Sharjah for exploring the place to the fullest. But most cities in Sharjah have better public transport, so be sure you actually need a car before going to the expense and inconvenience of hiring one. Be boss of your vacation and don’t let them decide your plan.

This problem appears to be the most severe in Sharjah but it should also be noted that car rental companies do have positive benefits. You just need to be little careful while availing car rental services. Keep above-mentioned things in your mind and explore every corner of Sharjah without any hassle.