10 Insta hashtags you need to use in your next trip to Sharjah!

sharjah Insta hashtags.

Sharjah is one of those quiet gems in the UAE that holds some fabulous secrets with it. From cultural heritage museums to an enormous souq, Sharjah has everything to explore. So, if Sharjah is in your list for your active and relaxing vacations, don’t forget to make it long lasting one by sharing travel experience on your Instagram account. It is surely going to be a little snap-happy vacation, so even after years, those pictures on your Instagram are going to bring a glittery smile on your face.

So book your flight, pack your bags, clean your camera lenses and don’t forget to book the services of car rental companies in Sharjah to make most from your dreamy trip.

Besides the high-quality camera, perfect location and perfect frame, you need to use suitable hash tags to make your Sharjah trip insta viral. Whether you love them or you hate them, you have to admit that when it comes to being found on Instagram, using popular hashtags are a good way to get extra like or two.

Researching on travel hashtags can be boring for you but trust us this social media game is very important if you want to get noticed on Instagram. In today’s digital era, social media has altered the way we approach travelling – how we decide where to go, what to do when we get there and what experiences to share with our friends, family and extended network. Besides this, social media can easily help you in finding the best places in Sharjah. And your Instagram is a great place for discovering destinations to visit, and with the location feature an option to save collections, it can even serve as a trip planning tool. From hashtags that focus on the delicious food of Sharjah to the outdoor adventures of Sharjah, there are number of travel hashtags which you can use for maximum reach. So enjoy clicking amazing pictures and sharing them with edgy captions to make your friends envious, as in this blog we are going to share amazing Sharjah travel hashtags with you.

But before that let us compile a list of best places in Sharjah where you can click, click and just click…Scroll down and know where you can click your Instagram selfie:

1. Sharjah Art Museum

art museum in sharjahThis is the must visit place for any art lover. This historic monument showcases an array of the most valuable Arab artworks. Here you can find the perfect blend of art and culture, and picture here is surely going to change your ordinary Instagram account into elegant one. This museum is considered as the largest Art Museum in the UAE that entails seventy-two galleries backed by astonishing art exhibits of some of the best Arabic painters. Art Museum is few kilometres away from the main city and to reach, you don’t necessarily need to have your own vehicle as you can rent a car in Sharjah so that time is never an issue when it comes to perfect click. #historic

 2. Sharjah’s Central Market

Central market in sharjahThis market catches attention with its blue tile work, hence is also known as ‘The Blue Souq’.  Let your followers know how much shopaholic you are! In “Arabian Bazaar”, you can experience traditional beauty via shopping. From aesthetic jewellery to electronics, clothes to kitchenware, you can shop for everything and your shopping surely demands Instagram story. Click use hashtag and just post it…. #shopaholic

3. Khalid Lagoon

Khalid-LagoonThis is the must visit place for any traveller, the peace you get here is precious. Located in the right middle, Khalid Lagoon is famously known as the world’s third highest fountain. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Sharjah. These dancing fountains will give you peace like never before. Imagine magical fountains throwing water up to a height of hundred meters!! Visit this place with your partner to spend some quality time and a romantic evening. And this calls for a couple picture. #couplegoals

4. Qanat Al Qasba

Qanat Al QasbaQanat Al Qasba, outlying entertainment center, is well-known for arranging a large number of interactive activities that will make you fall in love with them. The activity which makes it famous is the Ferris wheel known by the name of the ‘Eye of the Emirates’. On this adventurous drive in this wheel, you can get the entire view of the city. So why not to come live on your Instagram? #livingadventure

5. Al Noor Island:

al_noor_island_sharjahIt is located in the Khalid Lagoon. This public park allows you to get a deep dive into art and nature. The butterfly house is the premier attraction in the area, which is also home to around five-hundred different species of butterfly. Surprised? You should be! So why not show some colors of nature to your followers? #naturelove

In Sharjah, you can have picture perfect frames everywhere. Here you may not need to worry about exposure, shutter speed and composition of your picture as everything here defines beauty to the fullest. You can avail services from daily car rental in Sharjah to explore new places every day and as we told you earlier you need to use proper hash tags for your pictures. So, roll down as we have compiled 10 Insta hashtags you need to use in your Sharjah trip:

Sharjah insta #hashtags


So, if you’re someone who loves travelling and posting happy snappy moments on your insta, then you’ll certainly enjoy these incredible places in Sharjah. But don’t forget to use picture perfect hash tags. If you know more do let us know…