24 Hours in… Dubai (but not how you know it!)

living 24hrs in Dubai

Dubai is bursting at the seams with an enormous number of world-class things to see and do, from tantalizing food markets to mesmerizing deserts. The majestic architecture of the buildings, fancy attractions, enormous shopping malls, seven-star hotels, the tallest building in the world and luxury lifestyle is just one-half of what Dubai is. It is the place where anybody from any age can go crazy.

If you will get a chance to spend 24hrs of your life in Dubai, that are surely going to be the best hours of your life. Trust us; here you can live whole life experience in just 24hrs.  A perfect day here well of course, depends on your personal interests and tastes, but before you start your crazy one day Dubai journey, whistle-stop and book services of car hire in Dubai so that not even a single second of your roller coaster journey is wasted. Here is the mini guide for your 24 hours histrionic and dramatic journey of Dubai:

8.00 Am… Start your Day with a Sip of Dubai’s best coffee:

Coffee in DubaiIf you really can’t start your exploration until after a caffeine boost, head to Frioul café. Start your day trip in the luxurious rented car with the fragrance of roasted coffee beans. Here you’ll find the best coffee in the city (there’s always a queue, but it’s worth the wait). The benches outside are a suntrap first thing in the morning and a good place to watch the traders setting up their stalls.

If this specific spot looks familiar, it might be because you’ve seen it on the silver screen – blockbusters. While not technically a coffee house, Frioul lounge is the perfect place to grab a coffee and chill out. The lounge comes kitted out with a bookshelf stocked with newspapers and magazines and offers up great views of the Madinat Jumeirah’s canals. Grab yourselves a coffee, a snack, and kick back.

9.00 AM… Enjoy breakfast and beauty of Desert:

Break-fast in DubaiThere’s no better way to start the day than with a hearty breakfast. From long and leisurely or short and sweet, Dubai city is rounded up with the best breakfast spots. From Monmouth, walk through the city market (try to imagine how it would have looked at various points in its 800-year history) and up onto the Dubai mall.

Look out for Grind on the left and stop for breakfast. It’s a hip spot with a great signature dish of poached eggs, avocado and chilli. From healthy eats to full-belly treats Dubai will offer you everything.

10.00 AM… Say hello to the sky of Dubai:

Sky diving in Dubai

After crunchy and yummy breakfast it is time to have a pinch of adventure in your trip. Thanks to SkyDive, Dubai has become the premier location for the skydivers from all over the world. Since 2010 many stunts have been taken and many records have been broken. Sky Dive has two drop zones, The Palm DZ and The Desert Campus DZ.

A tandem skydives from 13,000 feet above the Palm Jumeirah is an incredible experience and should be on everyone’s things-to-do-in-Dubai list. Experienced and beginners both can enjoy the skydiving in Dubai. So, rent a car in Dubai and have a thrilling journey from your cafeteria to skydiving spot.

11.00 AM… See the Burj Khalifa:

Burj-KhalifaAt 830m, the world’s tallest building is gorgeous from any angle. Your trip up to the observation deck on the 124th floor takes place in one of the fastest lifts in the world and you can learn about the fantastic engineering.

An engineer advises residents where to place their furniture to keep the weight balanced!

1.00 PM…See the sights; fill up on a traditional lunch:

Dinner in DubaiWell, well, well … After thrill if you are wondering what is on the platter for you, Worry not! With a combination of Iranian, Lebanese and Arabic food, the Dubai cuisine will only leave you craving for more. Whether a foodie or not, you just can’t ignore the luscious flavors that Dubai food has in store for you. The titillating aroma of the piquant delicacies in Dubai will give you a foodgasm for sure.

3.00 PM… Taste 23-Carat Gold Ice Cream at Dubai Scoopi Café:

Gold Ice-Cream in DubaiIt may sound the craziest things to do in Dubai but I am sure if you know that at Scoopi Café, you will be served an ice-cream worth AED 3,000, you’ll surely wish to have one. You have to be crazy enough to spend AED 3,000 to eat an ice-cream.

Scoopi Cafe launched last year offers one of the most expensive ice-creams in the world. The ice-cream is a sundae made with vanilla bean ice cream from Madagascar, saffron from Iran, rare black truffles from Italy and 23-carat gold, edible of course. It’s all served in a Versace bowl with a Versace spoon — which you get to keep. One big bonus: the ice cream at Scoopi is made with liquid nitrogen, which means it’s frozen at extremely low temperatures, resulting in a creamy, smooth texture. So, after lunch enjoy goldy dessert and take golden memories from Dubai.

4.00 Pm…Time to pamper your skin with 24 Carat Gold Facial:

Gold facial in DubaiAccording to local beauty expert Lee, gold is rich in antioxidants, tightens skin reducing sun damages and helps create a radiant glow on face. It is been said that ancient Egyptians ingested gold for its healing properties and it’s also been said that Cleopatra used to sleep every night with the gold mask on her face.

There are many spas now opened in Dubai offering Gold facial for both men and women. Prices range from AED 89 – AED 25,000. So if you are adventurous enough and also want to empty your pockets find some while your visit Dubai.

5.00 PM…Watch Camel Race with Robot Jockeys:

Robot CamelCamel ride is very common in Dubai but think about Camel race with Robot jockey…Doesn’t it sound Nobel one? I can bet you don’t want to miss the glimpse of the world’s richest sports in the world. Camel racing is a very popular sport in Dubai. Al Marmoum Racetrack is the main venue to see the famous Camel racing.

In the last 50 years the sports has changed tremendously like Robot Jockeys have replaced traditional human jockeys. Racing rules remain the same as in the old ages. You need to experience it yourself to believe it, your 24hr journey is incomplete without this unique and novel experience.

6.00 PM… Dinosaur-themed 6D Cinema at Oasis Center:

Dinosaur Cinema in DubaiYou are in safer side if you have availed services from car hire companies in Dubai,  as you can easily move from place to place to explore most in just 24hrs. After giving glow treatment to your skin, move towards oasis in your rented car as Thrill Zone at Oasis center offers ultimate experience of Dinosaur themed 6D Cinema.

Taking the cinema to a new level, 6D cinemas create the ambience with environmental elements (rain, wind, fog) and enhance it by 400 chair movement a second. The movie experience maximizes the viewing pleasure by minimizing the difference between reality and illusion. The latest technology employs cutting-edge visuals and audio effects that bring real three-dimensional images before your eyes. Powered by Siemens, it’s a must-watch for kids and grown-ups alike. You will have to experience it to believe it! Easily the must-have things to do in Dubai where all members of the family can enjoy an amazing time. Prices start from AED 25 per person.

7.00 PM… Time for Sweet Snack:


Sweets in DubaiEnjoying dawn with sweet snacks is the best feeling ever… In Dubai the Cheesecake Factory offers a world of unthinkable variety — there are more than 30 options to boost you into a sugar high, including the Godiva chocolate cheesecake. There are several branches but do the one in Festival City to make the next activity.

8.00 PM… Dinner Time:

Dubai DinnerNina at the One and Only Royal Mirage on Beach Road takes Indian cuisine to a new level. Forget heavy curries and get into a menu that delights with crisp, crunchy, smooth, subtle, sharp, and always that flavor that you know you’ve always loved but can’t quite place. It’s pricey but worth it.

10.00 PM… Night Moves:

Club in DubaiLike everything Dubai has to offer, its nightlife scene is far from ordinary. From nightclubs to bars to speakeasies, the city’s entertainment options are limitless. Just remember, before you set out to have a great night, make sure you’re over 21 years of age as Dubai’s door policy does not allow minors.

A classic way to spend an evening in Dubai is drinks, dinner and a show, and for this happy trio, you’ll want to head.

11.00 PM…Peer into Tomorrow:

Back to a hotel room – yes, it is still the best way to see Dubai – take a run along the lines for a view of what the future will bring. Seeing Dubai lit up at night is a fantasy ride.

We hope we have provided you with more reasons to visit Dubai than you can count and we’d love to hear about it if you do decide to visit. Don’t forget to avail car hire services from TripJhon ; we would love to be part of your 24hr sole Dubai journey.