Al Quoz has been evolving since its establishment as one of the oldest manufacturing hubs in Dubai. With the increase in expats and the massive influx of tourists every year, there has been exponential growth in the numbers of residential villas, art museums - directly resulting in the growth of car rental companies in Al Quoz.

Not only culture and arts, if you're looking for a gourmet meal and have a penchant for food like no-one else, Al Quoz has got you covered with the existence of Tom and Serg being one of the rad cafés in the town.

The museums act as a major tourist attraction where you can explore traditional handicrafts, novelty items to enjoy heritage to its fullest. The galleries are filled with cultural artifacts and large open spaces that provide a platform to regional musicians, performance artists, concerts and theatres. This huge rush of tourists over the years has given way to the establishment of many rent a car companies in Al Quoz including TripJohn where we offer affordable cars and discounts to keep our customer base appeased at all times. With our amazing fleet of luxury to economic cars, we let you rent a car in Al Quoz and go to the places where you can live the heritage, ancient arts and culture.

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