Facts you must know before renting a car in Dubai

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Facts you must know before renting a car in Dubai

Dubai city known worldwide for breathtaking artificial monuments, Stunning Sky Scrapers, the efficient Rapid transport system is buzzing with the huge influx of tourists thus creating demand for car rental companies in UAE.

The bustling metropolis is being thronged by millions every month and buying a car cannot be a viable option for everyone.

While you can travel by local public transport but it won’t allow you the same privacy and comfort that a rented car offers.

And who wants to miss out the captivating views of the iconic building in Dubai by not renting a car.

Before renting a car in Dubai and going for a dream ride, it is advisable to read the instruction that most car rental companies in Dubai have framed and save yourself from landing in trouble later.


Before renting a car in UAE, you must possess all the legal documents necessary to drive a car in UAE. The parameters vary according to the visa status and nationality.


  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Residential Visa
  • Valid UAE Driving License
  • Copy of Emirates ID

Tourists visiting Dubai on a tourist visa need to submit;

  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Visit Visa / Visa Stamp
  • Valid International Driving License

Power passport holders like people from GCC, US, UK, Canada & certain other countries enjoy certain benefits in Dubai and can drive on their international driving license. a UAE resident, followings documents are necessary;


Vehicle Appearance

Are you excited to zoom past the famous Burjkhalifa in your Audi or Lamborghini? Don’t be so.

Before renting a car in UAE, check out whether the car is having any minor or major internal or external damages.

You can click the pictures of the car and report the damages to the company representative, so as to absolve yourselves from additional financial burden later.

Car Insurance Protection

Check out whether your car is covered under any insurance scheme offered by your car rental company or not.

Insurance provides a pivotal role while renting a car in Dubai. In case of any unfortunate event, financial risk is transferred from the driver driving the insured car to the insurance company.

So it is better to know about insurance status of your vehicle before renting it then paying bucks in future.

Advance payments

Most of the car rental companies in dubai often charge security payments upfront so as to ensure the safety of their vehicles.

It is advisable to pay through credit card to get an easy refund in case any dispute arises with the car dealer in Dubai.

In case you don’t have any credit card, you can simply pay through cash but don’t issue Cheques as they are not acceptable by most of the car dealers in Dubai.


Before proceeding for a drive in your rented BMW, Mercedes or an Audi, you need to check out the health of the engine.

Don’t get tricked by oral commitments made by the agency representative, ask for exact mileage status of the car.

Salik Charges

If you are a tourist visiting Dubai for a first time, you must be wondering as to why no long lines exist on toll booths.

This is all because of a RFID technology launched by Dubai Roads & Transport Authority on 1 July 2007.

Every car in Dubai has Salik chips fixed on their screens .As the car zooms past the booth, an amount of 4 AED get automatically deducted from the prepaid chip.

This amount is to be paid by those who have rented a car service and not by the company.


Vehicle Failure & Accidents

Renting a car in UAE may sometimes leave you in trouble, if you don’t go by guidelines and check the health of the vehicle before renting it.

Car break down usually happen at unreached destinations. You can get stuck in the middle of the desert with no help around or an accident can take place with your costly rented car.

In both situations, be swift while communicating the issues to local rent a car dealer and local police.

You may save money by letting the car dealer know about the failure but for accidents, damages are to be paid even if the second party is at fault.

Riding out of UAE

It not permitted to take a rented car beyond UAE borders but some rent a car companies in Dubai issue special insurance documents to the drivers.

So make sure to confirm from the company before driving out of UAE in a rented car.


Terms and Condition

Going through the terms and condition page of a company may be frustrating but this document should not be skipped come what may.

The document let you know about the company guidelines which they adhere to.It also tells you about the process adopted, when a dispute arises with a client.

So, if you are planning to rent a car in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman or anywhere in UAE. Don’t forget to go through terms of the company.


Dubai has emerged as an economic and tourist hub our last decade.The modern architecture, high rising towers coupled with rapid growth has bamboozled the pundits.

Exploring this amazing growth is always a treat but the excitement and comfort can be multiplied by renting a car in Dubai.


By Aamir Yousuf