Watch drones delivering free food in Dubai during Ramadan

Free food delivered by drones in dubai Tripjohn

We just can’t get enough of Dubai! The city continues to amaze us with passion to set records and surprise us through compassion.

One such initiative by Community of Development Authority (CDA) that took Dubai by storm last year has returned with even more anticipation and fervour.

The second edition of this campaign called “Their Suhour Is on us” is aiming to deliver free pre-dawn meals to various mosques in Dubai using Drones. What is of more importance here is that during this Ramadan the campaign focuses on Sahour instead of iftars and targets to distribute 32,000  free Sahour meals to the low income groups across Dubai and Umm Al Quwain.

“Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and during this holy month, Muslims around the world endure a period of daily fasting – the biggest act of religious observance of its kind. The holy period begins on the last full moon of the month and lasts for 29 or 30 days, depending on the visual sightings of the crescent moon, according to numerous biographical accounts compiled in the hadiths.

Sahour is the pre-dawn meal, which is eaten before the morning prayers during the month of Ramadan, and signifies the start of the day’s fast.”

Since Ramadan is already here, around 700 volunteers are gearing up to give a final touch to the programme.

According to the organisers of the campaign, the main focus of doing this is that this initiative by some people will help raise awareness about the importance of social obligation and volunteering in the country.

From rent a car companies in dubai to big telecom giants everyone is showering offers to the customers this Ramadan and contributing to the society on their part.

Drones to deliver free food packages in Dubai

The food meal packs will be delivered to the targeted locations through drones. According to the head of CDAs Youth Council, Umm Al Quwain, Halema Mohammed, the initiative aims at distributing at least 10% of the 32000 meals to the targeted locations by drones throughout the month of Ramadan.

Weighing approx. 1.1 kg, the pack contains all the food essentials that are required for a fasting person. According to the sources, the food packs will include a main course and a desert. In addition to this, fruits, Laban, coconut water, karak tea and popcorn will also be included in the meal sometimes.

Khalfan Obeid, the technical consultant at Dronotek and the designer of this unmanned aerial vehicles system, said that the drones will make use of already stored maps and target locations to follow specified routes and delivery the food to the assigned locations. He further said that the volunteers will help in navigating the drone in the distribution of meals.

Khalfan further added that the whole concept was put forth by the Youth Council and they wanted to take help of drone in the delivery of packed meals and wanted to have dedicated people to operate it.

Obeid said that a drone will be able to fly for 30 minutes several times a day and can about take 10 food packs at a time, which sums to around 10kgs.  

According to the sources, the food meals will be distributed from 10 pm to 11:30 pm every night at Abdul Rahim Ketait Mosque. Free Sahour meals will also be distributed at other six mosques throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

 Free Sahour Meals Distribution Sites

1.     Abdul Rahim Ketait Mosque, Al Quoz (Day 1 to Day 28)

2.     Qurtoba Mosque, Satwa (Day 3 to Day 8)

3.     Sheikha Latifa Small Mosque, Jafiliya (Day 7 to Day 12)

4.     AlYaqoub Mosque, Ras Al Khor Industrial Area (Day 11 to Day 15)

5.     Aqeel Abbas Mosque, Warsan 1 (Day 15 to Day 20)

6.     Bin Fulad Mosque, Rashidiya (Day 19 to Day 24)

7.     Abdulrahim Ketait Mosque, Muhaisnah (Day 23 to Day 28)

On one side this very special event is going to launch and on the other hand, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) Youth Council has announced to provide free medical check-ups for low income workers.

Working hours have also been reduced be it private sector or the public sector during the holy month.

Cannot be more proud of Dubai!

If you are new to Dubai? Remember this

So for the Non- Muslims residents and tourists who are not fasting, Ramadan is a great time to embrace and discover the unique Emirati culture and learn about its rich tradition by participating in the iftars and charitable events.

In order to show respect to the culture, the key thing to remember is to dress appropriately and refrain from eating or drinking in public during this month.

No, we are not saying you to wear an Abaya! But a dress that must not be revealing and at-least should ensure that shoulders and knees are covered.  You can eat whatever you want but in the hotels, you can even visit as much of places in your car rental in Dubai but out of respect UAE expects you to be a little modest in Ramadan.


Free food delivery through drones has got you excited already? Don’t forget to say Ramadan Mubarak to your friends and family.


Trip john luxury car rental dubai wishes you a happy and blessed Ramadan.